Chromebook vs Windows OS, what is the difference?

Chromebook vs Windows OS, what is the difference?

Chromebooks have emerged as famous computing gadgets due to their cheap price, long battery life, and ultra-portability.

Competing with Chromebooks are affordable windows notebooks, accessible in the same price range.

Hence, the need for Windows OS Vs Chromebook comparison, to help you decide between the two.

Chromebook vs Windows OS:

Let us get started with Chromebook vs Windows OS comparison from the point of view of an average user, most likely to use a PC for general website browsing, watching videos, playing games, and getting some job done.


Both Chrome OS and Windows 10 have a user-friendly interface.

There is nothing truly much to close between the two, for most users, it will just be a subject of getting used to the interface.

Web browsing:

Chromebook supports Google Chrome browser which is the best browser.

Anyway, you need to be alert that with Chromebooks you are restricted to Google’s Chrome browser.

You would not be capable to download other browsers to your PC.

In comparison, Windows-based PC permit you to download and install any browser that you want to. You can go with Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Maintenance cost:

The best thing about Chromebooks is that you do not have to hesitate about purchasing basic productivity and antivirus software programs.

Google takes care of securing and guard your Chromebook and provides Microsoft Office-like software programs for free.

This means you can begin browsing the internet and working on spreadsheets and text documents right away, without spending one penny.

With a Windows PC, you will be spending money to purchase, upgrade and renew Antivirus software programs and Microsoft Office.


Chromebooks are generally designed to link to Google Drive where all the processing and storage take places.

Thus, it is truly simple to make Chromebooks lightweight and portable.

Affordable windows based notebooks are also lightweight and match the Chromebooks portability.

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