Google Drive vs OneDrive – Which one you should use

Google Drive vs OneDrive – Which one you should use.

OneDrive and GoogleDrive are 2 of the largest names in cloud storage.

Each offers not just a helpful way to free up the hard drive area by saving files in the cloud, but a range of specs and integrated applications that make them perfect for getting work done.

That contains the 2 best browser-based office suites accessible today in Office Online and Google Docs.

Google Drive vs OneDrive

Google Drive:

Launched in 2012, Google Drive is the second famous cloud storage service, if only because it links with so many of Google’s other services and comes installed on all the latest Chromebooks.

Support platform: Mac, Windows, Web and iOS

Free storage: 15GB

Further storage: 100GB for $2 per month, 10 TB for $100 per month, 1 TB for $10 per month, 20 TB for $200 per month, or 30 TB for $300 per month.

File size limit: Google doc files may have up to 1.02 million characters. Google presentation may be up to a hundred MB. For all other types of file, up to 5 TB per file.

Unique specs:  TSL/SSL encryption, file version history, download Gmail attachments straight to Drive, search for text in pictures and scanned documents, a search of pictures using text descriptions, integration with Google images.


One Drive is not new, it has been around for years under other names like FolderShare and SkyDrive, according to Microsoft it is used by eighty-five percent of Fortune 500 firms.

Supported platforms: Windows, Web, Android, Mac, Windows Mobile, and iOS.

Free storage: 5 GB

Further storage: 1 TB for $7 per month or 50 GB for $2 per month.

File size limit: Up to ten GB per file

Unique specs: Share files or folders with others, PSF encryption, pick and choose which subfolders or folders to keep synced, search for text within images and scanned documents, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and OneNote files through their responsive website versions.

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