How to clean up and speed up PC- easy steps

How to clean up and speed up pc:

Update your computer software

Go over to Settings and select the Update & Security window, go to Windows Update, and choose to Check for updates.

The current version of Windows 10 will typically install important updates automatically, but it’s always nice to check and make sure that everything is applied.

Delete unnecessary files

Start by getting to the search bar on Windows and type “disk cleanup,” which will bring out the Disk cleanup tool for you to select. Select the drive you want to clean, and then select OK.

Look for the Files to Delete section, and make sure all the file types you want to be deleted are selected.

The description will help you learn more about the types of files.

When you ready choose OK to start the cleanup method.

Defragment hard drive

Windows ten makes this terribly straightforward even for brand new users with a native defragging method.

Simply head to the search bar on your home screen and type in “defrag,” then opt for the tool that seems referred to as Defragment and Optimize Drives.

This will open a window for you to opt for that drives you to wish to research or optimize, along with notifications if a drive looks like it needs optimization.

Choose the drives you wish, and select Optimize to begin. You can also schedule future optimization.

Memory (Ram)

If you run serious programs like Photoshop, or just tend to run a lot of programs at once and notice that your system slows down when you switch from one to the opposite, installing more random access memory (RAM) could make your life easier.

Graphics Card

Even if you’ve got a GPU, you might want a faster one, depending on the game you’d like to play.

Just like with RAM and SSDs, you must first figure out which card will work with the computer you already have, since it’s not all cards are suitable for your motherboard.

Do you have an accelerated graphics port (AGP)? Most likely PCI Express (PCIe)?

Is it integrated into the motherboard or is it a different card?

Make your findings before you buy, because some video card upgrades also need an upgrade in your power supply.

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