How to connect the HP printer with the Chromebook?

In this guide, we’ll see how do you connect your HP printer with the Chromebook machine. It will also help you to connect your HP printer with Android devices, so let’s get started.

Hey, first of all, we are going to look at the problems that you can face when connecting HP printer with Chromebook:

  • Drivers problem
  • Printing layout problem
  • Unsupported printer
  • Document viewer software not available
  • Wireless printer not detected

We will now locate the way you can connect your HP printer with Chromebook there are two ways which are given below:

  • With wire
  • With wifi network

 How to connect HP printer with wire on Chromebook:

  • Connect the cable that comes from your printer to your Chromebook with USB port
  • Try to print the document
  • Select an appropriate printer when prompted before printing
  • Your printer should now be publishing the stuff you’ve just printed

 How to print wireless on Chromebook:

  • Connect your printer with the router
  • Press the WPS button, so it becomes discoverable by your Chromebook
  • Go to select printers in your Chromebook and search for available printers
  • If you see the name of your printer, then you have to select it
  • Try printing now

If you are facing a problem and your printer does not print anything at all, even if you have tried both of the above methods, we will provide you with the steps to troubleshoot it.

 How to fix HP printer problems in a Chromebook:

  • Check for updates in your Chromebook
  • Make sure your printer is supported in the Chromebook
  • Make sure the USB port that you are using is working correctly
  • If all about three are fair and your printer still is not working, follow further steps given in this article.

Check cable:

  • Make sure you are using the original cable
  • If the original cable is not available in your area, you have to use a good quality cable
  • Make sure cable does not have any signs of wear and tear .proper cable is significant for proper printing
  • Try connecting your cable in the different USB port

Troubleshoot operating system:

Chromebook is the same as Android when it comes to printing as you know, there is no such thing as drivers in Android.

Android is based on Linux and Linux has the software, but Android does not have software for printers.

Sometimes when you buy a new HP printer, it does not work at all in Chromebook and Android because it is simply not supported by them.

You have to check compatibility with Chromebook before buying your printer.

If your printer is compatible with Chromebook and still not working you have to follow the below steps:

  • Make sure your printer reset the default printer in your Chromebook.
  • Next, sure this software that you use to access text or image files are appropriately configured to print.
  • If you are using Ms office for Android, you may need to activate it before printing.

If you are using wireless printing functionality, you need to make sure that your Chromebook detects the right printer before you print anything.


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