How to install and activate Bitdefender Internet Security

How to install and activate Bitdefender Internet Security?

Bitdefender internet security is a complete security suite that saves your PC from even the new spyware and viruses, keeps spam away from your email inbox and offer you with the necessary instruments to keep your privacy secure.

How to install Bitdefender Internet Security:

Installing this program takes quite a long time and need the usual system restart.

To use Bitdefender internet security you need a subscription linked to a MyBitdefender account.

A subscription can be activated for a restricted period and used on a restricted number of gadgets, depending on your option at purchase.

The Bitdefender products can be installed and downloaded straight from the My Bitdefender account.

Whenever you want to include gadgets to your subscription:

  • Visit
  • Log into your ID using your password and username.
  • Click install on a fresh gadget in my device panel.
  • Pick the platform (Android, or Mac, or Windows) you want to install Bitdefender on.
  • You can also download the product straight or send the download link to your email
  • Go to your gadget and begin the installation of your Bitdefender product by functioning the kit you have downloaded.
  • Follow the on-display instructions where you are in front of your gadget.

How To Activate Bitdefender Internet Security:

The Bitdefender central platform provides you the chance to simply manage the subscription you have for all your gadgets.

An activation code purchased from 1 of our resellers or 1 that you got as a present can be used to activate a program subscription.

You can start your subscription also by following these steps:

  • Go to Bitdefender Central by visiting
  • Click on a panel of Bitdefender, placed on the left side of the window
  • Click the activation code key, then write the code in the matching field
  • After then click on activate
  • Your subscription is now working.

The above are the steps to activate and install Bitdefender.

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