How to install and activate Trend Micro Internet Security?

How to install and activate Trend Micro Internet Security?

Trend Micro internet security is an anti-virus and anti-spam program that you may use to save your PC from spyware, viruses, and hackers.

You can get this program by buying the discs from your domestic software retailer or by downloading an installation file from the Trend Microsite.

The same program license may be used to install the Trend Micro on up to 3 separate PCs.

How to install and activate Trend Micro Internet Security:

Follow these instructions for how to install Trend Micro on a second or third PC.

Step One

Check and ensure that your second PC is online before you install the program. Trend Micro needs an Internet link to activate and validate your subscription.

Step Two

Double-click the installation file you downloaded or add the trend Micro installation CD to your PC. The program will check your PC to make sure it meets the basic needs of the program. This may take a few minutes. A dialog box will emerge when it is done.

Step Three

Click on accept the license agreement. This is a standard program license agreement. Click “Next” to continue.

Step Four

Type your Trend Micro serial number into the box offered. If you purchased this program through the internet, your serial number will be accessible in your order verification. Then click “Next” to continue.

Step Five

Click on “Regular Installation” when the installer confirms you which type of installation you want to do. Just perform a custom installation if you are familiar with the program and want to replace the installation preferences. And click on continue.

Step Six

Add your production activation key, and then confirm that your product is active by viewing the verification dialog box that lists the expiry date, PC description, and serial number. If the program did not active, you will have to up-to-date antivirus protection.

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