How To Install and Activate Webroot on Windows or Mac

How To Install and Activate Webroot

We shall be looking at the various steps involve in How To Install and Activate Webroot. This involves simple steps, though some people find it difficult to install. It is advisable to create a Webroot account before installing Webroot Anti-Virus on your system or android devices. This is so because each account in Webroot has an installation key.

How Long Does It Take To Install And Activate Webroot?

As we said from the beginning of this article. It does not involve a rigorous process. Give and take 10 to 15 minutes. It should not take more than this time frame to get your Webroot Anti-Virus running. This time frame is based on different user experience. Now let’s proceed to the installation and activation stage.

Step On How to Install/Activate Webroot

The Webroot Secure Anywhere allows you to download and install Webroot antivirus on your device. Once you purchase Webroot antivirus at and you install Webroot antivirus. Now follow the next step to download Webroot secureAnywhere with key code menu in order to activate Webroot antivirus. In summary do the following:

  • Activate Webroot subscription by clicking
  • Get a valid activation code
  • Then enter 20 character or key code without using a hyphen
  • Click on Activate button for Webroot subscription and pay keen attention to instructions in order to complete the activation process
  • Afterward, allow Webroot to scan your device

With the Webroot product key, you can complete the whole installation process by yourself without soliciting for third party help. All you need is a high-speed internet connection.

Webroot Antivirus Installation Requirements:

No doubt that we are not ignorant of the protection Webroot software gives. Webroot protection remains one of the best for both personal and professional use. In order to utilize Webroot, you need to buy the subscription and install. In order to avoid any hassle during installation and activation process following the Webroot requirements:

  • For download, installation, and activation you need a high-speed internet connection
  • Device operation system should be windows 7 and above
  • SP1 and above
  • Mac OS X 10.11 and above
  • Android 4.1 and above
  • Disk space of 20GB

On the final note, once your device meets these requirements you can begin to download, install and activate Webroot on your device. If you encounter any error or problems during the installation process we suggest you reach out to Webroot Customer Support to help you out.

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