How to save battery in Windows 10

How to save battery in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is one of the most wonderful operating systems which finds its place on modern computers.

However, the problem of Windows 10 battery life is a huge pain and stressful.

You can adopt different ways on a daily basis and easily get some extra minutes out on your dying battery, helping it reach somewhat closer to its full potential.

We shall be looking at How to save battery in Windows 10 on this guide.

How to save battery in Windows 10:

Use Windows 10 battery saver mode

Uninstall or close unnecessary apps and software

Have a look at the apps in the startup

Throttle the processor

Change advanced power settings.

  • Under the Advanced Settings tab, scroll down to find Processor power management.
  • Now, expand (click on +) Processor power management.
  • Expand Maximum processor state.
  • Click the On-battery option and reduce the processor state to 20%. You can choose any other value.
  • Click Okay. The settings will be saved, now you can close the Power Options window.

Other Ways To Save Battery In Windows 10

  • Always keep your laptop neat and clean
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings
  • Update Windows while charging
  • Keep the volume down
  • Unplug unnecessary peripherals
  • Keep your desktop and system drive clean
  • Brightness levels count a lot
  • Enable Adaptive Brightness
  • Unplug Your Unused Devices
  • Disable Indexing when on Battery Power
  • Use Longer Interval to Sync Email
  • Turn Off Location Service
  • Optimize Streaming HDR Videos, Games, and Apps for Battery Life
  • Optimize Video Playback Quality for Battery Life
  • Change Power Saving Mode of Wireless Adapters when On Battery

Microsoft’s latest addition to Windows 10 is built for those app-loving, multi-tasking users who push their laptops to the limit, causing their battery life to walk along the razor’s edge.

For activating Power Throttling usually, open up the Battery Saver slider and select Battery Saver or Recommended.

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