How to setup Canon Pixma MG 2120- step by step guide

How to setup Canon Pixma MG 2120

The Canon PIXMA MG 2120 Series is a compact All-In-One printer that produces high-quality digital photos, mostly use in office or home. With six phases of inks, including Photo Blue, and seamless wireless connectivity, it exceptionally user-friendly.

How to setup Canon Pixma MG 2120

The setup of Canon Pixma MG 2120 consist of the following steps:

Step 1

To start setup, place the printer near the computer. Check the included items

  • Power cord
  • Fine Cartridges
  • Manuals and other documents
  • Setup CD-ROM


  • The USB cable is not required
  • Remove the tape

Step 2


  • Bring up the Front Cover and the Paper Output Tray.
  • Open the Paper Output Cover.
  • make sure all the protective tapes are removed and the white fixing material.
  • Check that the protective tapes and the white fixing material are properly removed.
  • Shut the Paper Output Cover
  • Plug the power cord.


  • No connection of USB cable yet.
  • Hold the ON button.


If E > 4 > 0 are displayed on the LED, Hold the ON button to turn OFF the printer, then redo from step 3.

Step 3

  • Confirm that the Paper lamp is lit: Set up the FINE cartridge
  • Open the Paper Output Tray and the Paper Output Cover: Confirm that the Head Cover has opened automatically.


  • If the Head Cover is shut, shut the Paper Output Cover, then redo step 1.
  • Lower the Ink Cartridge Lock lever
  • Unveil the FINE Cartridge, and then take off the protective tape: Be careful of ink on the protective tape.
  • Insert the FINE Cartridge until it stops: Insert it straight until it stops. Do not knock it against the sides! Stet up the Color FINE Cartridge to the left and Black to the right.
  • Lift the Ink Cartridge Lock Lever.
  • Rerun steps 2 to 5 to set up the other FINE Cartridge.
  • Close the Paper Output Cover: Run it for 20 seconds, check that screen 2 is displayed, then proceed. If the Alarm lamp is lit orange, confirm that the FINE Cartridge is set up correctly.
  • The LED turns off if the printer is not operated for about 5 minutes.
  • To restart the display, press any button (except the ON button) on the Operation Panel.

Load Paper and Setting Plain Paper:

  • Confirm that the Paper Output Tray is shut, then pull out the Paper Support.
  • Move the right Paper Guide to the end.
  • The left Paper Guide moves simultaneously with the right guide.
  • Insert paper until it stops.
  • Modify the Paper Guide to fit the paper size in use, and then bring up the Output Tray Extension.
  • Bring up the Paper Output Tray and the Paper Output Support. Ensure Printing without opening the Paper Output Tray to avoid an error.

Loading Photo Paper

Insert the paper with the printable side down until it stops.

When using photo paper, Printer settings for media type and size should be modified.

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