How to solve Epson scanner problem in macOS?

In this article, we will see a variety of ways to scan your first document on macOS after you have bought a brand-new Epson scanner. We will see how to install the scanner, and how to troubleshoot the Epson scanner problem in macOS.

How is macOS different from Windows OS?

  • Apple makes macOS while Microsoft makes Windows.
  • Setting up software on windows is more comfortable than in macOS
  • Mac OS is more like Linux, and windows have an easy interface while installing or removing programs from the computers.
  • macOS need a command-line interface to install or remove the software from the system.
  • Sometimes macOS has native support for an external device, so it doesn’t require any installation before usage of the device.
  • macOS has a variety of software that can be used professionally.

How to install Epson scanner in macOS?

By default, if macOS Catalina can support the drivers within the operating system, it can scan to document without any other modification in the system.

There is a built-in app named “Preview” which can be used for capturing images from your scanner.

If you want to use “Preview” for the scanner, you don’t need to install any third-party apps, but you cannot convert images into text with it.

How to use the Preview app from macOS to scan:

  • Open the app
  • Go to file menu from the address bar
  • Open the menu named “import from scanner” from the file menu you just opened
  • Change the settings if necessary
  • Click scan
  •  If you want to save the image at a specific folder of your choice, you may need to click “Save to”
  • The saved file should be the image of the document that you put in the scanner before starting the scanning process from the macOS  Preview app

What to do if the Epson scanner is working in macOS?

  • You may need to install necessary support software in macOS to get your Epson scanner up and running.
  •  Support software in macOS is similar to driver software on windows.
  • You can get the support software from Epson official website.
  • On the Epson website, you need to find the appropriate scanner of your choice and download the package of support software for your compatible macOS.
  • Once the scanner software is successfully downloader, go to the download folder and open the package file.
  • Follow the instruction to install the software.
  • Now connect your scanner and try scanning the document of your choice.
  • If the scanner still does not work, you might need to contact the scanner manufacturer.

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