How to solve printer problem with Windows troubleshooter

In this article, we will see how built-in tools from windows can help in troubleshooting when the printer gets offline.

When to use a Windows printer troubleshooter?

  • Suppose you are new to the computer. You do not have any idea about words like a driver, software, internet, or download; you can use Windows troubleshooter to identify the problem quickly and understandably.
  • This is the first choice for people who do not have basic knowledge or expertise about computers
  • This does not require you to download any software or connect to the internet

Where to find a troubleshooter to solve printer problem:

  • In older windows, you can find windows troubleshooter in the start menu.
  • In Windows 10 open start and type printer troubleshooting.
  • It will provide you available tools in windows that will help you to troubleshoot windows.
  • Run the app as a computer admin to execute an operation without any problems.

How to solve printer problem with Windows troubleshooter:

  • Open Control Panel and then open devices
  • Open your printer from the drop-down menu list.
  • Check the status of print jobs.
  • If there is any pending job in the printer, you can delete them and try printing again.
  • If there is no print pending you can choose to troubleshoot the option.
  • It will show a progress bar and will find the actual problem that is bothering your printer and stopping it from printing any pages.
  • If troubleshooting results with driver error you might need to follow the next steps.

What to do if troubleshooter end with “driver unavailable” error:

  • You have to connect to the internet and download the fresh new drivers from the HP website.
  • Install those drivers and try printing again.
  • If the printer still does not work, you might need to uninstall drivers entirely and install new drivers from scratch.
  • Try printing after the driver is updated.
  • If your printer still does not work, try running the troubleshooter again.
  • It may be a hardware problem if the printer is still not able to print anything.

What to do if troubleshooter end with paper jam error:

  • Open your printer door and look for any stuck papers inside.
  • Clean the cartridge and put it back in the printer.
  • Try turning on the printer and test print a page to know if the problem is gone.
  • If this still does not work, you might need to contact the manufacturers of the printer.

What to do if troubleshooter end with driver corrupted error

  • Check for windows update.
  • Install any available updates.
  • See if the problem is gone by running the troubleshooter again.

What to do when troubleshooter does not find any error at all

  • Check wire if it has any signs of wear and tear.
  • Check power cord connection with both printer and wall outlet.
  • Check for any jams or supply problems in the printer.
  • Check the cartridge ink amount is sufficient for printing.

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