How to use Windows security in Windows 10:


How to use Windows security in Windows 10:

Windows Security is the go-to application when you want to know more about security in Windows 10. It is a place where you can find what your antivirus has been performing, what your firewall has to say, and so on. Anyway, before you can get any detail, you must know how to get there. That is why, in this page, we present you different ways to open Windows Security in Windows 10, using clicks, shortcuts, and taps as well as by running commands:

Open windows security using the start menu:

You can run the window security from the window 10 start menu. Click or tap the start key, scroll down to the list of applications that begin with the Letter W and click or tap the Windows Security shortcut.

Open windows security using the search:

Write security in the field found on your Window 10 taskbar, and tap or click on Windows security in the list of outcomes, or the Open action from the panel on the right.

An even quicker way is to begin typing security in the search field and press the Enter key on your keyboard, as soon as you view the Windows security search outcome.

Start windows security from the setting application:

If you favor using the settings application to open Windows Security, you can. Release settings and go to the Update & Security category. On the left side of the window, pick Windows security and then, on the right side. Tap or click Open Windows Security.

Start windows security by asking Cortana to do it:

If Cortana is enabled in Windows 10, start it by saying “Hey Cortana” or by tapping or clicking her key. Say “open windows security” and Cortana should verify your command by answering. All right starting windows security while releasing the application.

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