HP DeskJet 3700 scanner is not working – how to solve it?

Hey so you have got a brand-new HP DeskJet 3700, but it does not work as intended? In this article, we will see precisely how to get your HP DeskJet 3700 scanner up and running. We will look at the variety of reasons why your scanner has suddenly stopped working, and then we will try to troubleshoot your problem.

Why does the DeskJet 3700 scanner stop working?

Here are some reasons why:

  • Drivers not installed properly
  • Cable dead
  • Scanner dead
  • Scanner software malfunctioning
  • The operating system itself is malfunctioning
  • Virus problems
  • Hardware problems

As we have seen a variety of reasons above, we will try to troubleshoot a few of them which are the most common problems for HP Deskjet 3700 scanner

How to get drivers for HP DeskJet 3700 scanner:

  • You can get them from the HP website or the CD that came with your product box.
  • Get CD put it in your DVD ROM, install the drivers as given in instructions.
  • Try running your scanner it should scan now.
  • If you do not have any CD or your cd is broken, or the data is corrupted on the CD, hey you can download the drivers from HP website
  • If installing drivers does not work, you may need to follow other steps given in our article.

How to troubleshoot cable problems:

  • The cable is the essential part of our scanner whatever image that is captured in the scanner will be transmitted in the computer with the cable so, we must take good care of the line, right?
  • Check the cable for signs of wear and tear, cleaning correctly, and plug the line in the correct port.
  • Sometimes your USB port may not be merely working you can try plugging the USB in other ports.
  • After trying about steps, you can try scanning again. If still doesn’t work, you can follow the next step in this article.

Can scanner die too?

  • It has an optical sensor which is hey used to scan images that you put in the containers off the scanner.
  • The same working as a camera, and it can eventually stop working after its life cycle is over.
  • This sensor can be changed either by the manufacturer or some repair shops, you must change the sensor; in case it does not light up when you turn on the printer.

What to do when scanner software is malfunctioning or the entire operating system is malfunctioning:

  • Scan the image there is a variety of software available. You must try at least three of them in order to check if it’s a problem with scanner software.
  • If you change the scanner software and your scanner starts working, then it is the scanner software problem.
  • We recommend you use the software that came in your CD with HP Deskjet 3700 when you bought it.
  • If the original software stops working when you upgrade your windows, you might need to change the software or update the version of the software.
  • If your scanner stops working after you upgrade windows, we have a different article for the purpose- HP scanner software is unavailable

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