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This article mainly includes information about installing scanner software that is appropriate for your scanner. If you have purchased a brand new scanner and it is not getting detected in the system you can follow this article for the troubleshooting for your HP scanner. The article will teach you how to install scanner software, how to use it, and how to uninstall when you do not need it anymore.

Installing the HP scanner software:

  • Identify the scanner model number from the scanner box.
  • If you do not have any box try looking around the scanner where you can find some information about the scanner.
  • Once you have the scanner model number now you have to open the HP support page and look for the downloads and drivers.
  • When prompted, search your scanner in the model number field.
  • The website will detect your operating system automatically and prompt you for downloading the driver.
  • Once downloaded, open, or extract the drivers.
  • Open setup and do the installation step by step.
  • Follow all instructions in the setup very carefully. Read all the license terms very carefully. Select appropriate language when prompted.
  • Click next until you see a progress bar.
  • Once the progress is finished you will see the setup is over.
  • Now connect your scanner and try to scan the test page.
  • If your scanner still does not work you may use the CD method and try again.
  • To use CD for the installation of scanner software, you need to use a DVD or CD driver in your pc.
  • CD already has all files which you can download from the internet. Open setup and follow the above steps mentioned in the article.
  • If your scanner still does not work, you might need to contact the manufacturer as it may be shipped with hardware faults.

How to use Scanner App:

  • Open the scanner software with the icon created on the desktop after you finish the setup.
  • Different HP scanners ship with different types of software but usage is almost the same overall
  • After the scanner is opened, it will show a welcome screen and you have to select options according to your requirement
  • Before you start to scan, you can adjust the quality of the scanned document
  • Once the scan is over, you can convert scanned documents in either image or text form.
  • If you need to convert your image into text, you may have to use OCR software that came shipped with your HP scanner.
  • OCR means optical character recognition, it is processed to convert image into editable text.
  • Once it is converted into your desired form you can save it to a location of your choice

How to uninstall scanner software:

  • You may ask why do I need to uninstall software. Well, you might have sold the scanner or replaced it with another model, or your installation is corrupted. In such a case you might need to uninstall and reinstall the appropriate software on your computer.
  • How do you uninstall the scanner software you may ask, you have to do it as given in the next steps in our HP Scanner software article
  • On Windows PC you have to open the control panel, Goto uninstalls a program and selects your scanner software.
  • Click on uninstall when prompted.
  • Reboot your computer and then the uninstall process should be finished.
  • If you did this because the installation is corrupted, you have to reinstall HP  Software after reboot.
  • If your error still exists you might need to contact HP support.


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