Printer showing offline after upgrading computer | How to fix

Hey, In this article, we will understand why a printer stops working when we upgrade the operating system. We will see how to troubleshoot if the HP printer showing offline or stopped working after an upgrade or update to the computer Follow along to know more!

What are the windows update/upgrade:

  • Windows update is software that is being released by Microsoft every month or so.
  • Windows update is an automatic process, and it can not be disabled in Windows 10.
  • However, you can postpone the update in case you don’t have a data network or data balance.
  • Windows 8 and 7 tend to update to windows ten automatically when connected to the internet for an extended period.
  • When windows are updated, you can not do anything else while the windows are being updated.
  • While updating windows, all your files and folders get migrated to the new version of windows.
  • Windows upgrade also migrates all applications to the latest version of windows.
  • Some applications are compatible with the newest version of windows, while the others are not.
  • When you have drivers installed on old windows, you may need to reinstall drivers in new windows manually.

Why drivers fail and printer showing offline status in the latest version of Windows:

  • As you may have noticed on the HP website, they provide drivers separately for all windows versions.
  • If you have windows 7, you get other drivers; if you have Windows 8, you get other drivers.
  • All drivers on the HP website are designed to work in a specific version of windows.
  • When the windows version changes, you need to download the necessary drivers for the new version of Windows for example in Windows 10 upgrade.
  • Drivers made for windows seven can not be initialized on windows 10.
  • This is why you need to uninstall old drivers and install a new one in windows 10.
  • In this article, we are going to see how to install new printer drivers after upgrading to Windows 10 or 8.

How to update printer drivers after installing a new version of windows:

  • Go to Control Panel and uninstall old HP drivers who are unsupported.
  • Download the latest drivers from the HP website.
  • Install the latest drivers from the downloads folder.
  • Connect with your printer and look for a test page button in the interface.
  • Your printer should now be working.
  • If your printer is still showing offline or not able to print anything you might need to contact the manufacturers.
How to properly upgrade windows that your printer does not malfunction after the upgrade?
  • Get Microsoft setup from the official website for the version of windows that you need to install.
  • The upgrade tool will ask you for permission to remove all files and apps installed in your pc.
  • Choose the upgrade option and keep everything.
  • If your drivers are unsupported, the Windows setup will prompt you to check the error before continuing the setup.
  • Remove the drivers before you proceed.
  • Once drivers are removed, you have to continue installation manually.
  • Windows will take up to 6 hours to upgrade.
  • Once the upgrade is done, you will see the new desktop.
  • Install the necessary drivers for display and other things.
  • Install HP printer drivers made for the operating system you upgraded to.
  • Now your printer should get back to work and you should print a test page.

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