Steps to Installing and Reinstalling Office 365

Office 365 contains a lot of office apps really useful to many office men and women. It contains apps that make things a lot easier. Many times people are faced with the problems of installing office 365 or redeeming their keys after getting office 365 or reinstalling after there are a few problems. We are going to be going through the steps involved in installing and reinstalling office 365.

Installing and Reinstalling Office 365:

Step One

The first step in getting the office 365 into your system is signing in. That’s is if you not signed already.

You need to make sure that the account you are trying to sign in is associated with this version of office you are trying to download.

This account should be a Microsoft account, but it can also be a school account or a work account.

Step Two

If you signed in with a Microsoft account, go to the official home page to select install office.

Sometimes you see install now or just install. They all do the same job. It all depends on the version.

If you signed into a work or school account you have to access the office 365 home page and select install office apps. If you have set a different start page use this link

To begin the installation select office 365 apps and the whole process begins.

When the installation is a 64-bit version is by default. This would happen unless the office detects 32bit version pre-installed or probably a stand-alone office app, ones like maybe vision or project.

Only in this situation will the 32-bit version of office will be installed.

Sometimes you might want to switch from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version or vice versa, the first thing you need to do is to uninstall the previous version of office you had first and this should include any other office software you have.

Step Three

After you are done with the uninstallation the next step begins the process all over again. Signing in again to office i.e.

Click and select the other install options, select the version and the language you would want and then select install.

Step Four

This ends the installation process of the office into the system. To complete the installation make sure u follow every step correctly and follow all the prompt in the install office section.

There are cases where you won’t see the install option after you have signed in. This could mean there is an issue with your account.

What you need do is to select the need help option and find the option that best describes what you are going through.

How to activate Office 365:

Open the office 365 and type the name of the office app you want to activate.

You can type Microsoft Word or MS word for short or Microsoft excel or MS excel.

When the app comes up click and accepts the License Agreement. This activates the office app and it is now ready to be used.

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