Top 5 Google Chrome extensions in 2019 that you must use

Top 5 Google Chrome extensions in 2019  that you must use.

The biggest benefit that Google Chrome has over other browsers is the extensive library of extensions accessible on the Chrome web store.

Famous extensions are accessible for other browsers too, but the sheer number and the standard of extensions which are accessible for Chrome are unmatched.

Now you can even use Chrome extensions on Android gadgets, which is super chill.

That is the reason we have created this list of the top 5 Google Chrome extensions in 2019 that you must use.

Top 5 Google Chrome extensions in 2019:

HTTPs Everywhere:

The top way to know if you are visiting a safe site or not is to look for the HTTPS in your browser’s URL window.

Anyway, there are sometimes when you need to visit a site that is not secured using the HTTPS protocol.

In such cases, HTTPs Everywhere extension can come to your rescue.

Click here to download HTTPs Everywhere.


ScriptSafe is an all in one tool which not just offers you with a secure browsing experience but also makes it quicker by permitting unwanted scripts to load on sites.

ScriptsSafe specs contain blacklisting/whitelisting of sites, protection against WebRTC leaks, protection against fingerprinting, Malware domain blocklist integration, unwanted content blocking and more.

Click here to download ScriptSafe

Turn off the lights:

Turn off the lights is another extension that is famous in users who watch a lot of videos on places like YouTube.

The extension basically fades the full page while highlighting the video you are watching.

Click here to download Turn off the lights.


Just like Pocket, Instapaper is a read it later service which supports you in saving website pages to read later on your Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or PC.

Click here to download Instapaper.

Privacy Badger

Privacy badger is a remarkable extension which protects your internet privacy while you are browsing the internet.

It blocks spying advertisements and invisible trackers and makes sure that firms cannot track your browsing without your consent.

Click here to download Privacy badger.

To search and install these extensions go to Chrome Web Store.

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