Top 5 tips to secure email account

Your email ID is a good thing for hackers. And yet lots of users still are not taking vital precautions to protect their accounts. Here are 5 tips to secure email account.

 Tips to secure email account:

Begin With A Powerful Password

This is a clear one, but it is still the first line of defense. Pick a password that:

·            Is a mix of numbers and letters

·            Does not spell on a recognizable phrase or word

·            Use symbols, punctuation, and a mixture of lowercase and capital letters

Always Active Two-Factor Authentication:

Using 2-factor authentication is an easy but strong security measure.

It makes sure that even if someone has your password, they still need something else before they can get into your ID.

That something else may be a big range of things, from the answer to a secret question to a fingerprint.

Some types of authentication such as email or SMS verification, or less secure than others.

Use Encrypted Email:

Business data breaches have affected millions of users.

Hackers have gotten into servers of some of the biggest firms in the world, including LinkedIn, Yahoo, Tumblr, stealing credit cards, phone numbers, and passwords.

Switching to an encrypted email provider, mainly one with end-to-end encryption and no access encryption offers a technical solution to this issue.

Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks:

Phishing is a general way hackers can gain access to your gadgets and accounts, and millions of people fall victim each year.

Criminals send a legal-looking email asking you to download an attachment or click a link.

The link may ask you to enter your password or mechanically download the virus program.

Never click or download anything from someone you do not know.

Encrypt Your Inbox:

Encryption saves your inbox by making the contents of your email unreadable without a unique key.

This is the one tool that saves your messages while they are in transit, or even if an email is an interception, your detail is secure and safe.

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