Types of Viruses and how to stop them

Types of Viruses:

Learning how to stop the virus on your computer is extremely important. But what you don’t know is that there aren’t just 1 or 2 types of viruses out there.

In fact, computer viruses differ based on what they do, their importance, how they are attacking and so on.

Spacefiller virus

This virus is designed to attach to a file and then it will get into the empty space.

What it tries to do is that it tries to infect your computer without being detected. It’s not that common thankfully, however one thing to note is that portable executable files tend to have it.

Which is why you should acquire portable apps only from reliable resources, so you can avoid any possible issues like this as fast as possible.

Overwrite virus

The overwrite virus will delete the content of your file. Hence the name of the virus itself. The problem is that you can only delete the infected file, there’s not a lot you can do.

Which is why a good idea is to create a backup for your files and keep it in the cloud.

The chances of being infected are a lot smaller, so try to keep it in mind.

Polymorphic virus

As the name suggests this is a virus that actually tries to change its signature as it replicates. And the interesting thing about it is that each time it changes its signature it appears like something new.

Hence the reason why antivirus software finds it really hard to figure out the source of such a virus and how you can stop it.

The only thing to do is to use an antivirus, and even then it will be hard to spot this.

Multipartite virus

This virus will spread into multiple ways and it will infect the computer partially.

It will end up infecting executables and the boot sector. Since these are two-pronged attacks, it can be very hard to deal with it and remove properly.

Direct action virus

When you encounter this virus you will notice that it won’t install itself. It doesn’t hide in the memory.

What it does is it attaches itself to a COM or EXE file and then it will try to spread to other files of the same format. It’s not the type of virus that will delete files.

Boot sector virus

Based on its name you can imagine where you will find this one. The problem with boot sector viruses is that they are really hard to remove most of the time. Especially if they were encrypted in the boot sector.

How to stop the virus:

There are some high tier anti-malware removal tools that might be able to help.

All these viruses can be removed with the right antivirus or anti-malware software.

We recommend you to use this kind of software as it helps protect the computer from any attacks that might appear.

The faster you focus on offering better protection to your PC, the better the results will be in the end, so try to consider that and you will be more than ok.


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