What is VPN and how does VPN work?

What is VPN and how does VPN work?

In recent times, VPN is becoming popular among online personnel. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network it enables you to access the internet from a private network.

In other words, VPN secures your connection to a different network over the internet.

VPN is efficient in accessing restricted websites, countries, and ensure your location is hidden from public view.

Now let’s look at how VPN works?

How Does VPN Work?

Once you connect your computer or mobile devices like tablet, smartphones and many more to VPN, your devices work as if it’s on the same local network as the VPN.

Your network traffic is sent through a secure network to the VPN. This is so because your computer or devices act as if it’s on the same location as the VPN.

This act enables you to access the restricted website, the local network even when you are in a different location.

Once you browse the internet with connected VPN, your devices contact the website through the encrypted VPN connection.

For instance, if you are using US-based VPN to access YouTube, YouTube will see your internet location from the US.

How to get a VPN:

There are several types of VPN. The use of VPN is solely dependent on your need.

That is, the use of VPN depends on what you need it for.

But on a lighter note, there are several individuals who use VPN to watch media online, because they cannot gain access to such site from their country.

Also, some business relies on VPN for their employees to work remotely into their business office. Whichever purpose you choose to utilize a VPN, ensure you make use of the best VPN.

The following are some of the best VPN you can easily use. This include:

  • ExpressVPN: This VPN has the best combination of ease to use features. It is very efficient, reliable and super-fast servers. It allows you to stream video or media online and also torrenting this is the most affordable VPN you can trust.
  • Tunnelbear: This is another ease to use VPN. You can use this VPN anywhere, in a cafe, restaurant. It has a limiter free trier. Not suitable for streaming or torrenting media.
  • StrongVPN: This is difficult to use compared to the ease use of others. It is versatile and can be used for streaming, torrenting and more. This VPN is very good and also fast.

The above VPN can be used in any of your devices, laptop, computer, iPad, iPhone, Android and many more. The above VPN has a free trial version, you can try it to see how efficient it is to use a VPN.

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