What to do when the Epson printer offline on a macOS device?

In this article, we will determine what can go wrong with a mac machine when the Epson printer is not working as expected with it. We will be looking at all of the reasons why the Epson printer is offline on a macOS and we will try to find a way to solve those issues. In case this article does not list all the problems, you can visit other situation-specific items on our website. We aim to help you get your printer back up online and running, just like the new one.

Reasons why the Epson printer is offline on a macOS:

  • Mac has recently got an update.
  • Due to the update compatibility issue, the printer drivers could be entirely uninstalled.
  • Your printer might not be supported with macOS after all.
  • An incompatible device connection might have broken kernel extensions of the macOS.
  • The printer has tight hinges due to which paper might be jammed inside it, but you would not know until you open the printer doors.
  • The printer’s ink might have gotten spilled internally, resulting in a dysfunctional chip on the hardware side. It might make it difficult for your mac to detect your printer’s existence or connection on the machines. Might also damage the USB ports if the printer has internal short circuit issues
  • Wifi of the printer is not connected to your house’s central router or not paired with your mac somehow.
  • The printer has blacklisted requests from your mac machine.
  • Mac might see the printer as a threat and may have disabled the printer from the system bus configuration.
  • The USB port of your mac might not be functional.
  • Support software is not installed correctly inside macOS.
  • Mac has upgraded to an incompatible version resulting in the permanent dysfunctionality of the printer with that machine.
  • The printer MAC address might not be readable on the network by mac.

How to fix Epson printer offline issues:

  • This may happen due to non-compatible device support software. In that case, you need to download upgraded support software from the Epson website and install it via superuser or administrator privileges.
  • If you believe the support software for your Epson printer is not available for the macOS version that you just upgraded, you might need to downgrade the macOS if you wish to continue using the printer.
  • If you install the new drivers, and the printer is still not working, you might need to contact the printer manufacturer for further investigation.
  • macOS can be affected by driver corruption that could have happened while upgrading the OS. In such a case, you might need to format the device from a USB installer and do it without restoring the time machine backup.

What to do third-party apps are interfering with the functionality of printing:

  • Some software might not comply with the way with which you print the documents.
  • In such cases, you may need to uninstall apps reported by apple as incompatible apps.
  • Upon uninstalling those apps, you can try printing again with apps like pages and previews.
  • Carefully select the right printer before you click the final print button.

I hope this article was helpful to solve your Epson printer offline problem on your macOS. If it is not solved yet, contact our customer support @ +1-806-553-6550.

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