Where do I get the WPS pin for connecting HP printer to wifi router?

In the following article, we are going to understand what exactly is WPS pin and how does it work.

We will see how this technology is employed in the printers to connect our printer to the Wi-Fi network.

Nowadays printers come with Wi-Fi systems built-in. It is a kind of hotspot related thing that you use on your smartphone.

We will be now seeing how exactly to connect your HP printer with the computer you want to print with.

Steps are given below for the WPS Push Method:

  • Turn on your printer by pressing appropriate power button or switch of some touch panel control
  • Once it is turned on, wait for one to two minutes for it to initialize
  • Once it is fully turned on, flip your printer upside down and look for a WPS button on your printer
  • When you press that button, your printer will be printing 8 digit number and it will be discoverable in your PC as a wifi network.
  • Go to devices on your PC and find your printer. Once you find it, double click on it and it will show you the window which will ask you for the 8 digit number that got printed with the printer just now.
  • You have just 5 minutes to do all the above process, please proceed quickly.
  • Once you enter the pin, the printer should be paired with your PC and you are ready to go!
  • If you do not understand what is WPS thing, Go on reading our tutorial to find out.

What is the WPS:

  • WPS is short of wireless protected setup
  • It has a lot of encryption to make your device secure
  • This method is used in many wireless devices including printer, scanner, PC, Gateway, and much more.
  • In this method, you will see that the device acting as a hotspot has a WPS pin mentioned in the sticker or something behind the printer.
  • The default WPS pin can be used to connect the device with our appliance the first time after we buy it.
  • When you buy a printer it ships with a WPS key which will be provided behind your printer and it may be at a back or below of your printer. If you are unable to find it, you have to use the method mentioned in our article. Pushing the WPS button located behind or below your printer can help you get the key required to connect the offline printer.
  • WPS is a very secure and fastest way to connect any kind of wireless device in this world. Most of home automation devices use this method to achieve ease of connection and top-notch security for their IoT devices.
  • If you are not aware of the WPS push method, you can use the WPS pin method to connect your device with the computer. The WPS pin method to connect your computer with offline or brand new printer is given below in this article

How to use WPS pin to pair the printer with PC:

  • WPS pin is almost the same as the method of WPS pin
  • You just have to flip your printer and it will have a sticker that says WPS pin and followed by 8-digit number. Just select the printer in your device manager and connect it with the WPS pin provided behind the printer.
  • Once you will input the pin you will see the printer is paired with the PC and you can test to print an image or word file of your choice to test the quality of printing and connection with the printer.

The above article is summarized to explain how the WPS is useful in the world of printers, or we can say the wireless world of the printers.

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