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Apr 15, 2019 | HP Printer, Printer support | 2 comments

In this post, I will show you how to fix the HP scanner issue, how to reset your printer to wifi by downloading full-featured software and drivers. You can also use HP Smart App or HP Scan in Windows 10.

How to fix HP printer scanning problems Wirelessly or with the USB cable? Are you facing a problem with your HP printer scanner?

Whenever you can for your printer that scanning process somehow fails or stops in midways.

Are you in an emergency and your computer scanner is not found while connecting with a wireless network?

In this article, you are going to learn how to fix the HP printer scanning problem.

So stick to it and learn different methods to fix the HP scan issue.

Always an error message pops up on the screen if the computer scanner doesn’t found a printer.

  • The computer couldn’t find the scanner
  • Scanning to the computer is not working
  • An error of communication of computers occurs with your scanning device.

Methods to fix HP scanner issue:

Method #1: run your HP printer and scan Doctor:

You can automatically diagnose and resolve printer hardware problems and connecting issues by doing simply downloading or running the HP printer and its Doctor scanner.

After opening these tabs click to fix printer scanning issues and run tests.

If an error occurs during scanning, jump to the next step.

Method #2: install, reinstall Printer software:

You can also resolve scanning problems by uninstalling the HP printer software while reinstalling the latest drivers on your computer.

  • Before searching for the open control panel in Windows, carefully disconnect the USB cable from the HP printer.
  • By simply clicking on the uninstall program, you can get the list of installed programs.
  • For completing the uninstalling steps, click on the HP printer that’ll pop out a confirmation window of uninstalling. Click to YES for completing the steps
  • Securely connect the printer with a computer scanner, make sure categorize are installed and plain paper is completely loaded in the main tray.
  • You can also visit guided service that will suggest or locate a compatible printing driver version for your computer.
  • Carefully follow the steps to download or reinstall the printer driver. Always choose a full software option or HP smart that’ll help you to get more benefits from your HP printer.
  • Now follow the simple steps to set up the secure printer connection

Method #3: Troubleshooting the HP printer connection:

There are different troubleshooting problems with your USB connected printers, networks, or drivers.

  • Troubleshoot an HP printer WI-FI connection
  • Troubleshoot a USB driver’s printer connection

Method #4: check Windows Acquisition setting image:

Basically, what is the window acquisition setting? For which purpose it is used?

Window Image Acquisition Image is special window services that made communication easy between printer and computer scanner.

If the WIA window service is not active, you can face printer failure.

  • In Windows, locate view local services.
  • You can find WIA services by scrolling down the list in the services window.
  • Take a brief look at the started and status type values of Printer drivers.
  • In printing, status is started or running and the startup type is fully automatic. That means your services window of WIA is running securely. Follow the next step
  • If there is no status or show disable status, it means your WIA is not working properly. For fixing the HP printing problems of scanning
  • Right-click on the WIA window and choose properties
  • Now click General Tube
  • A startup drops down menu will be appeared, choose automatic status, and then click the start option.
  • What if the startup button grey out and stop working? For making the settings AUTOMATIC and running the secure WIA window, make sure Shell Hardware Detection, DCOM server process launcher, RPC Endpoint Mapper, and Remote Procedure Call are running.

Try to scan your printer, if persist errors occurred continue to the step of troubleshooting the HP printer scanner.

Are you using the HP office printer? The most common problem we all face is the printer gets offline. If you don’t have enough knowledge about HP tech support then probably you may get failed to fix the HP printer scanning problem.

There are many reasons that show your printer offline but most of the time this issue only occurs because of the lack of communication between HP printer and computer.

These problems occurred because both the devices are not connected together.

There are multiple ways that you can do to overcome this offline HP printer issue.

Methods to fix HP printer scan problems offline:

For bringing your HP offline printer into online status make sure that your printer is securely connected with the computer. Below there are some noted points that are mentioned that’ll terminate these annoying printing issues.

  • Check the connection of your HP printer with the Computer and restart your printer until the printer is fully ready to start the procedure.
  • Now check the connectivity status of your printer and patiently wait for the next minutes until your HP printer is fully connected.
  • Make sure the cables of the printer are successfully connected with USB and Ethernet cable.
  • Are you taking out all this procedure on the wireless network? If yes, then make sure you are connected with a right and secure network, internet access, and IP addresses.
  • After completing that whole procedure, run the test printer

Are you facing the same problems again?

Your printer doesn’t start working properly or the printer scanning process is again failed?

Below there are some important points that are mentioned that’ll also help you in resolving printer scanning issues.

  • From the control panel options, visit the page of “Printers and Devices”
  • Right-click on the drop-down menu after selecting your HP printer from the list
  • Now select what is printing option from the drop-down menu
  • Now set your printer as a default printer by clicking on its option.
  • You can find out the status of your printer whether it is online, offline, or paused, below the option of default printer setting
  • If your HP printer is paused then simply click the Resume Printer option. It is completely your choice if you want to set your printer status is offline
  • The last step, Run the printer Test.

I hope this article was helpful to fix the HP scanner.

If your printer is still facing hp scanning issues then connect to Our Tech Support at +1-806-553-6550.