How to install Norton antivirus-step by step guide

How To Install Norton Antivirus? Installing Norton into your computer whether desktop or laptop could be tedious or stress-free.

Understanding what to do and the basics of the computer system are also important.

Before installation, the first thing you have to do is download the setup file.

After the download clicks the setup file to begin the installation of Norton into your computer.

With the installation wizard present, it serves as a guide as you begin to set up Norton into your computer.

You need an activation code

Without an activation code for this product, the product cannot work and it’s only in the presence of activation code that this product can be activated.

Upon installation, you have 30days to activate the Norton using a valid activation code.

How to get Norton activation code

There are several methods to get the activation but the best is to get it from Norton installation.

Follow these steps:

  • Clicking activates now button: an option on the dashboard window
  • Then click purchase and activate now window to get the required activation code needed to activate the Norton utility.
  • Upon acquiring the needed activation code, you have to go to activate now option to use the code to activate the product.
  • Activate now option can be found on the dashboard. You can now enter your name, your email and other required information and the activation code and click the button “activate now” to activate the product.

How To Install Norton Antivirus:

Following steps here are what you should do to install and activate Norton.

Norton Installation Steps:

  • Connect to the internet
  • Download the setup file from the internet.
  • Double click on the setup file. This should start up the installation process
  • Agree to the licensing. If you do not you cannot move forward
  • Click install to start the actual installation process

Norton Activation Steps:

  • Load the Norton software
  • Click activate now in the Norton utility window
  • Click purchase in the next window that comes up to purchase the activation code.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions and complete the purchase process
  • After acquiring the activation code go to the Norton Utilities main window and click activate now
  • Fill in the required information and make sure your code is right
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete activation.

These are the steps involved in the Norton antivirus installation and activation process.

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