How to set up a Canon Printer wireless ?

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How to set up a Canon Printer wireless on Windows or Mac computer?

Want to install Canon Wireless Printer on your Mac IOS and Windows computer? For setting your canon printer, one can follow two methods either connect their printer over a wireless network or by attaching the USB cable over your computer and allow the canon printer to install and download its drivers.

Prep to install Canon Printer:

Step #1: plug in your printer and make sure it is on. Sometimes printers require Ethernet cable for establishing secure connections. Use an Ethernet cable for connecting your printer with the router.

Step #2: check whether the printer has all installed drivers or not. Sometimes canon printers come with a pair of CD that means for using all features of the printer; you first have to insert the CD into the computer and download all the essential drivers.

  • Not all .modern canon printers require a CD for installing its drivers
  • For windows, you have to insert the CD into the computer, and the instruction set will pop up on your screen. For MAC computers, an external cd performer is needed to complete the installation process.

Step #4: connect your Canon Printer with the internet: this step is connected with the use of the LCD panel of your printer. Select any Wireless network from the control panel of your printer and then type the password.

  • If you are facing difficulties for connecting your printer with the wireless network then carefully read the instructions that are provided in the manual settings of your printer.
  • For downloading the manual of your printer online, you can visit the Canon Printer Support page on the official website of Canon and download the instructions from there.

Step #4: connect the computer and printer with the same network: For receiving the commands from your wireless network, makes sure both computer and canon printer is connected with the same wireless network.

Installation of the drivers of Canon printer in Window computer is a little bit different and easy as compared to Mac IOS.

How to set up a Canon Printer:

Let’s learn the difference of installing Printer on Windows and MAC.

Installation Process for Windows:

click on the Windows start menu and select setting gear

Click on the Devices and Printers option from the drop-down list and select the option of “add printer and scanner” that is located on the top right of the screen

If the model number of your Canon printer is already mentioned, then you don’t have to follow all these steps

From the pop-down list select the name of your printer and wait for the computer to make an established connection with the printer

If the printer is not added into the add printer section of your computer, then connect you can connect your computer with canon printer with the help of USB Cable

Installation Process for Mac

Select the system preferences from the Apple drop-down menu.

Now select “Printers and Drivers” Option.

Click on the option of “Add Printer and Devices” and check if your printer is already connected with your Mac computer or not

Select the name of your printer from the drop-down menu and wait for some time until the installation of your printer is completed.

If you can’t locate the name of your printer, it means your computer is not connected with the wireless network try to connect the Printer and computer with USB cable by updating your Mac.

A Canon Printer setup window will appear on the screen follow all instructions to complete the downloading of your printer’s drivers.