How to setup HP Printer

How to setup HP Printer Wireless

With the help of HP wireless printer, you can go move and get prints from more than one device on the go. For setup wireless printer, it is important to access this website and register your HP printer.

For installing the devices and configuring your wireless extender, one has to follow the instructions on this website.

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There are different ways for installing your printer for example either you can follow the instructions mention on the website, or you can contact HP printer support.

The experts of HP are always available to help you regarding the setup of the HP printer.

The all in 1 setup of HP printer has nothing difficult, but some users face trouble configuring their printers.

In this post, you are going to learn how to setup HP printer wireless for Windows and Mac.

How to setup HP printer wireless – :

Are you a Mac user or windows one? The setting of a wireless HP printer is almost the same for both.

But still, there are some differences for installing and downloading the HP drivers on both devices.

Let’s learn how to setup a wireless HP printer.

HP Wireless Printer Setup for Windows – :

You can use two types of wireless connections.

One is SSID while the other way is Wi-Fi and password protected system.

Below, basic steps are mentioned that you can follow to connect your Wireless HP printer with your Windows OS working device.

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  • After turning on the printer, press wireless icon on your HP printer.
  • Click the setting icon and then touch wireless setup wizard
  • Press ok to start your network hunting
  • The activation wizard will begin the search of available wireless networks
  • After this, you’ll see the set of instructions on your screen
  • Select your specific network for completing the connection settings
  • If the wizard is creating troubles, then you have to download HP printer drivers and then repeat network selecting steps
  • For connecting your wireless network with your printer, type the SSID of your specific network and then its passcode

By pressing the WPS button, you can connect your printer and wireless network device directly.

Press the WPS button on the router of your networking device and network selecting icon on your HP printer at a time.

By doing this, you can connect your home network with your HP printer at ones without following above mention steps.

HP Wireless Printer Setup for MAC –

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  • Turn on your HP printer, computer and wireless network router.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to a protected wireless network
  • From the control panel of your HP Printer, select wireless icon
  • Choose the setting icon on your HP printer and open Wireless setup wizard
  • The network wizard will search available nearest wireless networks and display the list
  • A set of instructions will appear on your screen. For completing the network selection step, choose your home wireless network from the list
  • Open the Apple menu and click on the icon of about this MAC
  • Locate the update icon in the list and update your previous software
  • Select system print or scan options from the drop-down menu of MAC
  • In the lower corner of your desktop, you can see plus sign. Click that sign and mark the name of your home HP printing device.
  • If the name of your printing device is not mentioned in the drop-down list, then add the name and code of your HP printer by clicking the ADD PRINTER option
  • For utilizing the update the software features of your HP printer, you have to restart all the applications that you had opened before adding your HP printer
  • Make sure your wireless HP printer is successfully connected with you mac device

Many of HP printer clients face troubleshooting while installing the HP printer protected with wireless network on their mac device.

Yes installing the features of HP printer on your MAC device is a little bit different as compared to installing the device on Windows OS.

But you don’t have to worry because the customer support of HP printer is 24/7 available for your help.

Call us now for free printer setup 1-806-553-6550.

How to download drivers for the HP printer- :

Form the official site of HP printers you can install software for your wireless printer.

Downloading drivers and software from this site is easy.

One can find configure secure software for their windows and Mac computer’s configuration.

After downloading the suitable software according to the version of your MAC device, your next step is to locate that file on your MAC computer.

For initiating the installation of drivers opens the software fil document.

The installation wizard of the wireless HP printer still shows some error?

Is your printer yet not connected with your device?

What can you do in these types of situations?

There is nothing to be worried. If the installation wizard pops up an error message, then your next step is to uninstall all the install software and drivers.

Below, some instructions are mentioned that you can follow in this type of situation.

  • If you are using Windows, then open drivers and printers from control panel and if you are a MAC user then open Apple’s menu
  • From the drop-down menu select your connected Wireless HP printer
  • Now select all the install drivers and software and uninstall them from your computer
  • Are you a MAC user then uninstalling steps are little different for you. Open the system preferences on your screen, and a list of connected printers and drivers will appear
  • Now select your Wireless HP printer from the popup list and remove it
  • After successfully uninstalling all previous software and drivers, try to install the new printer setting.

If there is still any problem in installing or reinstalling the updates of your HP printer, then it’ll be beneficial to Call the customer support of HP.

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