Privacy Policy

Information use and collection

Geeky Post can be defined as the sole owner of the information, as collected with the help of the phone, website, and email services. We are not going to rent or sell the information to any third party, as it is a major part of the policy. Geeky Post can also help in collecting information from various users, at various points of time with the help of our toolbar.

You might have to ask you about the personal information, which can help in identification and contacting you, in times of need. In case you want to take the help of the Geeky Post along with the toolbar services, you are bound to finish the registration form, at the max. During such instances, you are bound to give your contact details like full name, postal address, email, personal identifier, and more. The company is going to take the help of the contact details to stay connected with you regarding your product or service, which you have asked for. This might even include special offers, notifications, surveys, and more, for the improvement of our services.

We are also going to take the help of the payment information, while registering with our company, like credit card info, various payment facilities, and more, which are used for completion of payment. Geeky Post might even take the help of the third party in order to process the billing and also verify the cards for the same purpose. For that, we might have to share your credit card number, username, billing address, expiration date and more. While processing of any payment transaction, Geeky Post might even ask for information, associated with the payment amount along with other types of transaction points. We might even disclose or transfer the payment details to the third party, while associated with the completion of the payment values.

Computer-related services

Subscriber computer:

We might want to know more information about your host device. This might include date of buying the computer, identification number, type, and model and make of the electronic device, computer software and hardware services and files, related to error tracking services. In maximum cases, this type of information is mostly required to help you with personalized technical support, related with this field and this can also help in updating the support related tools. This can also help in enhancing the product list.

Remote accessibility:

To get the best possible support, you might even ask for the problem, related with proper control of the host device. Software Geeks are going to take help of tools and qualified products, which can help you to get full control over the system of any expert, over the internet. This can help the expert to check out the problem and solve it, at the same time. However, experts are not at all allowed to take help of the remote accessibility, until ad unless they are associated and well trained, in this podium. Moreover, the user must also have consent with the control of the remote accessibility. Along with that, experts are not allowed to take help of the remote accessing tools for extracting any sort of sensitive or confidential information, available on the network or the user’s computer. He is not even allowed to destroy any of the information or cannot provide any system problem to the user of the system.

Subscriber computer:

We might want to know more information about your host device. This might include date of buying the computer, identification number, type, and model and make of the electronic device, computer software and hardware services and also files, related with error tracking services. In maximum cases, this type of information is mostly required to help you with the personalized technical support, related with this field and this can also help in updating the support related tools. This can also help in enhancing the product list.

Tools for Diagnostic:

You can avail some diagnostic tools from Geeky Post which can help in collection of a wide array of vital information, related with the state of the computer system along with application. This can also be used to pack into a field of document, which comprises of essential details, related with Geeky Post and it is related with the internet accessibility of the Geeky Post or the third-party service. Geeky Post can also help in analyzing the information related to diagnosing along with the end-user problems. Information services related to Geeky Post will not be associated with any sensitive issue, like site visits, email addresses, profiles, passwords, and there are more to be added, in the list. With the help of this diagnosis and remote access, this is associated with the use terms related with software agreement of the license.

There are some special measures related to Geeky Post, which is related to love help sessions, which can also help in reserving the rights associated with offline and online sessions, related between the support executive and also user, related to quality control. These are associated with technical support services. Moreover, we are also going to record the offline and online sessions, which will be conducted on the site, for the reference segment and to assist in the dispute resolution. This will also be used for service improvement along with a building of the knowledge base along with research on the internal market. The record session data is not going to be correlated with the identification data, related to individual customers.


This can be defined as a message, offered to the web browser. This can also help in storing the text file and the main aim is to identify users along with the preparation of the customized pages for the web. Cookie uses are not related to any sort of personal information on identification and cannot infringe on the zone of privacy.

Log File:

We will make sure to get hold of analyzing the trends, track user movement, administering the site and gather some broad information for the zone of aggregate.


We might share some demographic information related with advertisers and also partners. This will also link up with the personal info, which can help in identifying the person, in order to focus on the particular widgets, related with the toolbar.

Contests and Surveys:

The toolbar information is going to change with passing time through surveys as well as contests. Participation is going to be voluntary in nature and user can help in focusing towards disclosing the info. Some included points are contact info, demographic services and more. Contact info can be mostly used to deal with the winners and award prizes. On the other hand, the survey info can be focused for monitoring and for improvement of use and satisfied services of the toolbar, through Geeky Post services.

Online policy for Children:

Not even a single portion of the site is designed to attract anyone, under the age of 13 years. As associated with the children policy, we are not going to collect any sort of info regarding any sort of selling services, which are associated with people, below the 13 years age bar. You are requested to take help of your guardians or parents to help you with the services, in case you are under the 13 years, age mark or bar.


The site is going to take prevention to help you protect the private info about the users. Whenever the clients are going to submit any sort of sensitive information through the site, the information will be offered both online as well as offline. Whenever the registration is going to deal with the sensitive info, the information is going to be encrypted and will be protected, at its best. We have a different secured page along with the registration services, and we make sure to offer a lock icon on all the web browsers like in Internet Explorer, which can be opposed under the unlocked or open segment, when the user is just surfing the site. We make it a point to take help of the encrypted data to protect the sensitive sources online and we can also help in protecting the information offline, too. Apart from private info, all other information is also secured and protected. These are offered to only those officials, who are asked to perform any sort of duty. Our employees are also going to take help of any sort of screensavers, which are protected by passwords, before leaving their desks. They are asked to re-enter the password after returning to their working station and also the employees are also asked to keep up to date info on the privacy practices. In case any sort of new policy is to be added, the employees are strictly notified and reminded of the importance of the secured services. On the final note, the server, where the personal information is stored is tightly secured. In case any law related situation is identified, then we might have to disclose any sort of personal information about our clients to none other than law enforcing officials.


To help the purpose to work in the best manner possible, it is always advisable for us to provide valid info related to third-party sources. As per the example, to focus on the credentials of the customers, we make sure to use his name along with the associated information to a credit report servicing center. After we are sure of your truthfulness, the document will be destroyed.

Special offers – We are going to send the new clients with a welcoming mail, which will ask to verify the login name and password. The established members are going to receive the info on the service, products, newsletter and also special deals.

Updated information related on personal terms – In case the user will come across any information changes or if he does not want to continue with the service, we might offer you a significant way, to remove as well as update the personal data, as offered to us. This is associated with the profile page.

Changes and notification of the same – Geeky Post has all the major rights to update the privacy policy at any point in time without even notifying every individual, all the time. You can try and get hold of the latest version after clicking on the “Privacy policy” segment, associated under the hyperlink segment of Geeky Post. It is solely your responsibility to come across the privacy policy before coming into any terms with us. This can also help in accepting the services related to posted changes.

In case you deal with the personally identified information in any sort of different manner, we are going to notify the same through e-mail. We might also take the help of the information, related to the privacy policy, under the zone of collected information. In case the users have any problem with the Privacy policy, then you can easily email us at [email protected]