Remove popups and adware in Windows 10 | Step by step guide

Apr 20, 2019 | Computer, Windows | 0 comments

Are you a user of Windows 10? Are you too tired because your Windows 10 is frequently redirected to malware sites? How to remove popups ads and junks while using Windows 10? Your search engine and browsing homepage are changed without your consent?  Why is it all happening?

Adware is ad creating software that creates unwanted advertisements while one program is running.

Popup ads are the windows of those unwanted ads that adware generates.

The most annoying thing is that this adware not only irritates you with junk files but also creates an endless number of popup ads.

Some of those intensive ads also bring computer viruses with them and lead your computer to security risks and can cause stealing and deleting of your essential data.

How to clean up your computer from those popup ads and suspicious malware? If you are also facing this issue then you are reading the right post.

In this article, I am going to tell you the method that helps you to clean your PC from suspicious malware while using Windows 10.

How to remove popups and adware:

Learn about the proceeding steps of removing adware, popups, and viruses from Windows 10.

Step #1 _ uninstalls the suspicious program from our computer:

  • Your first step is to identify and uninstall the defected program from your computer
  • Click on programs and features
  • Open the start menu and write control panel in the searching box
  • Select control panel form the results
  • Choose uninstall the program that is written under the program category.

Step # 2 _ Search Malicious programs and uninstall them:

  • After clicking on the programs and features option, you can get the name of all install programs of your computer. Carefully read the list and find out about the malicious program on your computer.
  • After highlighting the suspicious program, find the uninstall option from the toolbar and click on it.

Different popular malicious programs are Wajam, Cinema Plus, SalesPlus, Salus, New Player, Save Daily Deals and many more like this.

Step #3 _ follow the on-screen instructions for uninstalling the program

  • For completing the uninstall process click on the YES option that appears in a confirm box.
  • You have to follow the set of prompts that’ll appear on your screen.

Make sure you read all the prompts with full description. This is important because sometimes some malware tries to sneak in your computer only because of your little carelessness.

Sometimes malware and suspicious program is saved in your computer with another name, and

you can face difficulty in locating the adware that is creating irritating ads on your computer.

Apart from this method, there are many different types of techniques that help you to clean up your computer from junk files.

For removing hijackers, malicious programs and pop-up ads from the computer can use these

  1. Use of Malwarebytes
  2. Scanning with the help of HitmanPro
  3. Zemana Anti-malware program help you to double-check for junk

By resetting the browser settings to the defaults, you can also get rid of popup windows and malware from your Windows 10.