How to contact Kaspersky Customer Support

How to contact Kaspersky Customer Support : Kaspersky has provided a plethora of ways to contact their customer support in case you need to approach them with your product queries. They make the process simple and easy, and their customer support is proactive to respond to all your queries. If you want to approach their customer support for any query related to your product, this guide will help you in doing the same and provide you with all the necessary information.

In this guide, we will show you how to contact Kaspersky customer support. Follow it carefully to contact their customer support or to go through their technical support and online knowledge base to help in resolving your issues.

The Kaspersky Knowledgebase and Community support

If you want to get real-time help from Kaspersky, their Technical Support section will help you most efficiently. It contains all the important topics and troubleshooting guides that will help you to fix problems with your product instantly.

To visit the Kaspersky Technical Support and their knowledgebase, visit

It contains the following sections:

  1. User Guides: All the important resources and user guides are available in this section. Click on it to see the user guides for Kaspersky products.
  2. Knowledge Base: This section covers all the technical know-how of Kaspersky products. If you want to learn about some feature or know more about something related to your product, then the Knowledge base will help you out.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): If you want to go through the most frequently asked questions about a Kaspersky product, then this is the place to be in. It contains all the important and common questions related to Kaspersky products. You will get answers to most of the questions here only.
  4. Free Tools: Kaspersky provides free tools in this section to allow you to scan and disinfect your computer for free.
  5. Community: This is the user community of Kaspersky. You will be able to interact with their customers and ask them direct questions or start a new discussion with them through the discussion boards that are present in this community. Here, customers help each other out to fix or resolve the issues based on their knowledge and experience.
  6. Download: You can download a free trial of Kaspersky products from this section.

Below these sections, you will find the option to contact Kaspersky Customer Support directly if you have an important issue to be fixed.

  1. Navigate down to Contact Us- Choose a Topic
  2. Answer a few questions by selecting the appropriate category of your query. If you have a problem with your purchase, select Otherwise, if you have a problem with your financial transactions, select Purchase and payments.
  3. For problems related to product use, you will have an option to email customer support, chat with them or reach customer support via phone. The timings of their availability, language of conversation and wait time is mentioned on the tab that opens once you select Purchase as your query option.
  4. For problems related to Purchase and payments, you will be displayed a list of topics that are common issues with purchase and payments.

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