How to reset the HP printer to its default factory settings

In this article, we will see various ways of troubleshooting the HP printer. We’ll see how to reset the HP printer to default factory settings in the touch screen, no touch screen, and network printers.

When you have to reset the printer:

  • The printer not working as expected
  • Print layout settings are changed unknowingly
  • The printer is printing outside pages
  • The printer is printing pages with abnormal brightness
  • Pages are upside down when you try to print with a double-sided printer
  • Printer not able to scan properly
  • The print is too small compared to the size of the page

How resetting the printer can help:

  • It will make your printer in the same conditions just like when you bought the printer
  • It will remove any unnecessary settings that you may have done by mistake
  • Restore the printer settings so that extreme nuances will be gone
  • Calibrate printer settings to default
  • Recalibrate scanner settings

How to reset the HP printer :

  • Open the appropriate HP printer software
  • Find to select your printer
  • Right-click and select Reset default settings
  • When finished reboot your computer and printer both
  • Try to print again
  • If they still do not work give me follow other tutorials related to setting up the printer for the first time after your printer is reset.
  • You may want to reinstall the drivers after resetting your printer if it still doesn’t work

How to reset settings in touch screen printer:

  • Go to your touch screen panel and select icon shaped like gears.
  • Try to find the factory default settings menu.
  • Selected and reboot your printer when prompted.
  • After rebooting try printing the test page again.
  • If it still does not work, you might need to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

How to reset to the factory default in the non-touchscreen printer:

  • If your printer does not come with a touch screen, it might have a yellow-colored reset button given on the backside of the printer.
  • Find it and press it for 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Your printer might reboot.
  • Now try to print a test page.

What to do if you’re still facing problems even after resetting the printer:

  • You may have to reinstall all the drivers
  • May have to reinstall windows
  • Try reinstalling the correct drivers from HP official website
  • Try HP print and scan doctor to troubleshoot further
  • You may need to select the right printer before using the select print command.
  • You may have to uninstall all other printers.

What you are doing all about doesn’t help:

  • Check cables
  • Look for signs of wear and tear
  • If the line has a time as you may need to consider replacing the cable
  • If you are using a wireless printer, you many to reconnect the printer to the wireless router and your computer.
  • We are using a printer with a LAN cable attached to your CPU; you may need to configure IP address again to print something from that computer.

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