What are the file types and their uses

What are the file types and their uses

The file type is a name giving to a specific kind of file that helps in the arrangement of the file to better format and digital storage.

These file types are mostly used during graphic design and explanation of the file.

Adobe Photo Document (PSD File):

It is created with Adobe Photoshop. In order to use it, you will have a copy of Adobe Photoshop Installed on the pc.

PSD File are raster files, that made up of pixels which are small Squares of information, SD files have great features like the creation of complex images with layers gradients, shading, and other variations.

SD files do have it limitation like resizes without loss the image quality but still a great document.

Encapsulated PostScript (ESP):

This is are victor files that can be opened with Adobe Illustrator or other vector editing software.

This file is an excellent and efficient file format both graphic designers and printer too, it can scale up and down in size without loss of quality.

EPS files can contain clipping paths; there are good tools for a printing logo design for business cards.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

These most useful file format use in years now, it is user-friendly very perfect for printing.

PDF files combine text, raster graphics, and vector graphics.

PDFs are fantastic for printing business cards and logo designs.

PDF files can be easily printed, shared and viewed using any PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

These commonly used for photographs and it is the most useful format for in images on the internet. Digital cameras save their image as JPEG.

Most of the raster images are JPEGS, very important when printing photos, but JPEG can’t be used for images with transparency and jpg Degrade if repeated edited and save.

Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AL)

These ownership file formats created by adobe system to represent a single-page vector-based, each vector file is made up of chains of the small points that will add to make lines and images.

Vector files are much better for printing logo designs because vector files can be scaled up and down in size with no loss of quality to the image.

They are good for business Cards because of small text prints very clear from the format.

AI files can be saved as PDFs which are excellent for printing.

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