Printer issue after Windows update

This article will show you step by step guide to fix the printer issue after windows update.

Learn how to reconnect your printer to wifi after Windows updates of upgrade.

Fix printer issue after Windows update:

The robust growth and advancement in technology have led to the development of numerous distinctive devices – printers being one of them.

Even though Windows 10 is a robust operational system, but then again, nothing is designed correctly.

There is a flaw, especially when it comes to technological and digital devices.

After the Windows 10 Upgrade, the biggest issue comes with the printer.

The new operating systems usually don’t have the drivers for the older printers, which can cause serious problems.

If your printer has stopped working after the upgrade as well, then follow the given steps.

You’ll eventually resolve the issues.

Step 1: Open the control panel of the printer:

Try choosing the Window’s ten troubleshooting tools first. Search and explore the printers in the search bar.

After this select the option “Devices and Printers,” which you’ll find in the list.

This will lead you to the Printers Control Panel pane.

Step 2: Troubleshoot the printer connected:

Now look for the printer in your Window.

It is probably listed under Unspecified or Printers. If you find it there, right-click it and select Trouble-shoot.

Now start following the instructions given there.

Just remember that this might not work all the time.

Step 3: Make sure your printer is installed:

In case your printer is not detected, you need to check whether the printer is connected or not.

Press Start, then Settings after which you need to select Devices under which Printers and scanners are listed.

If you don’t see the option of printers in the list, add them and wait while the Windows tries to identify it.

Step 4: Search for the older printer:

If the printer is identified and detected, follow the instructions so that you can install it.

Windows can download and connect any drivers by itself.

Step 5: Set up the Printer Manually:

If the printer is still not working, you need to install and set up the printer manually.

For this, you need a proper driver. Most of the drivers are usually .exe files. To install any HP printer drivers online click here.

So, if you want to install the driver, download it once and start operating and running the file.

Step 6: Go for the Windows 8 Driver:

Most of the manufacturers don’t provide the Windows 10 driver for a printer.

There are two reasons behind that.

  1. They don’t have it yet.
  2. Or they have dropped the support for the new Windows version.

In any of such cases, you can try installing the Windows 8 driver.

This might help you fix printer issues after Windows update.

Step 7: Remove the Windows 10:

Last but not the least option is to try removing the windows from the computer.

If you have tried every other alternative but still haven’t gotten the results you wanted than removing the windows 10 is probably the last resort.

These are the few steps that can help you fix the problem efficiently.

Solving the HP Printer issues after Windows update can be a bit challenging but trust me the steps and methods mentioned above can be helpful.

Was this article helpful to fix the printer issue after Windows update? If you have tried everything including reinstall printer drivers and reconnecting the printer and still didn’t work out.

You can call us for free printer support.

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