What is Tablet Mode in Windows 10

What is Tablet Mode in Windows 10:

Tablet mode is a new form that is automatically activated when you detach a tablet from its dock.

The power menu then goes full screen as do Windows apps Store and Settings.

It is vital to note that in tablet mode, the Desktop is unavailable.

So, tablet mode is surely a mode in which the Start button is where you will spend more time interacting with Windows.

  • To commence you need to open the Settings and then the “System” group, then click the power button under the “Make Windows more touch-friendly …” heading to enter the mode.
  • To configure the device, select the mode your device assumes when you log in, as well as what your device should do when it automatically switches tablet mode on or off, similar to Windows 8.
  • In tablet mode, the most striking aspect will be that the power menu is now the Start screen.
  • Note that taskbar icon will change, only the back button with the search icon and desktop virtual button, Virtual desktops can only be accessible from tablet mode
  • It is optional to set your app icons to appear on the taskbar in tablet mode, you can hide or open them in the “Tablet mode” settings.
  • Full-screen mode in Windows 10 is more user-friendly than that of Windows 8 because you have easy access to your apps, folders, and settings with just a simple touch of your mouse button.
  • You can also enter the “All apps” button on the bottom-left side to see and use any of your installed applications.

NOTE the tablet mode; the desktop won’t be available though you will be able to access the desktop folder through the File manager.

In the other way, you can use your PC system and all its applications as you normally use.

The advantage to tablet mode will obviously be that it’s far smarter to touchscreens because of all the big targets it provides for our fat fingers.

The one big caveat for most people may still be the fact that you’re dealing with the Start button as the primary interface, though it does retain enough desktop elements that is most users friendly.

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