How to contact McAfee customer service number

How to contact McAfee customer service: If you have any questions to ask the McAfee customer service team, you can easily contact McAfee through their website or by contacting their headquarters. McAfee provides a plethora of opportunities to reach their customer support representatives so that you can easily connect with them to discuss a particular product or your subscription to McAfee services.

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to contact McAfee customers to help and discuss or troubleshoot any of your product-related or subscription-related services in the most efficient manner.

Using McAfee customer support official helpdesk through McAfee website

To use the McAfee customer support official helpdesk and knowledgebase, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your McAfee account by visiting
  2. Use your registered email address and password to log in to your account.
  3. Close the browser window and/or open a new window or a new tab.
  4. Visit the link here:
  5. This link will take you to the McAfee customer support knowledge base. From here, you can navigate through all their help resources and frequently asked questions.
  6. You can also reach McAfee customer support from this page.

The various tabs on the McAfee knowledgebase page

  1. Download and Install: This tab contains all relevant resources based on downloading and installation of McAfee products on your computer.
  2. Product questions: If you have any questions relating to a product, you may use this tab to find helpful articles.
  3. Account or Billing: This tab contains all the resources related to your account management or billing management.
  4. Purchase: This tab contains all the resources related to your purchase and its history, or any other form of transaction through McAfee.
  5. Request a refund: If you want to request a refund against the services offered by McAfee, you may click on this tab to request a refund for the same.
  6. Popular Topics: This section covers all the popular and hot topics that generally contains the most asked question by the user community in McAfee.
  7. Virtual Assistant: If you want guided assistance for resolving an issue, you can use Virtual Assistant for getting solutions to your problems. Click on the red button labeled as Launch Assistant to launch the Virtual Assistant of McAfee.
    The Virtual Assistant will help you fix all the common issues with McAfee products.

Community: If you want to discuss your products with other McAfee customers, then this is your best place to find all your answers. It is a user community, so all the questions and answers are discussed amongst registered members of the McAfee community. Click here to go to the Community of McAfee to discuss your questions with the other registered members of McAfee:

Contact Support: If you need expert help with your problems, you can reach McAfee Support to get all your queries resolved. Click here to contact McAfee customer Service directly:

In case you need any further help, you can reach the official headquarters of McAfee through postal courier, email, or telephone from this page:

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