How to set up the Epson printer on Windows 7 machine?

This article will show how you can set up the Epson printer on Windows 7 machine. We will first go through the software part and see how to install  Epson drivers for Windows 7. How to download them and how to set them up. We will also be seeing a variety of ways with which we can get errors in installation. We will also be seeing how to troubleshoot the printer so that you can get it up and running on windows 7, both 32 bit and 64-bit versions. We will understand the difference between installing device drivers in windows 7 and windows 8, 8.1, 10, and 10 in S mode.

What is the difference between windows 10 and windows 7:

  • Windows 10 is an upgraded version of windows 7.
  • Windows 10 can get all the drivers from the device manager, and windows update automatically, while Windows 7 is required to install all the drivers manually.
  • Many new printers do not give drivers for old operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP, and windows vista. They only provide drivers that work on windows 8 or specifically on windows 10. In such a case, it is tough to get your Epson scanner working on a windows 7 machine.

What can you do if your Epson printer does not support windows 7:

  • You can go to Microsoft website and enroll for the Windows upgrade program.
  • This will help you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, and your printer will be automatically installed in the windows 10 device manager or windows update program.
  • You can also run Windows 10 on VMware or Virtual box or any virtual machine software.
  • You can change your printer to the one that supports printing on windows 7.

How to get Epson printer running in windows 7:

  • Connect printer
  • Look for the appropriate drivers on the Epson printer website
  • Install the driver while the printer is connected to the system
  • When the installation is over, try to print a test page from Microsoft Word or similar software for text processing.
  • If this still does not work, you have to look for architecture for which you installed your printer software
  • Maybe you have installed a 64-bit version of the software while your system is 32 bit or vice versa
  • In such case, upon confirmation, if you believe you hav4e made a mistake selecting the architecture of software, you might need to uninstall the current software and install the supported software
  • Once done, your printer should be up and running

What to do if the printer still does not work after installing proper drivers in windows 7:

  • It might be a hardware issue.
  • Check for cable problems, signs of wear and tear can give a hint In such a case, try replacing the cable.
  • If your printer is wireless, make sure you are using the same router to connect both printer and your computer.
  • You can reboot pc and reset router settings, reconnect the printer with the router and try again.

I hope the article helped you connect and configure your Epson printer with the computer running windows 7. If it still does not work, you may need to contact the system administrator or printer manufacturers.

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